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Cypress Hospitality Group: Management Recruiting

You may be wondering what sets us apart from all the other large executive management search firms serving the hospitality industry. Cypress Hospitality Group is set apart by our superior level of management recruiting. We adhere to strict processes in order to ensure your positions are only filled by individuals already in the hospitality industry, as well as individuals who will be beneficial to your company.

You see, at Cypress Hospitality Group, we believe that the most qualified candidate to fulfill the management needs of your business is likely employed at another business in the hospitality industry. Though these highly-skilled individuals may not be seeking new means of employment, or may not be using typical channels to search a new position, we are able to reach these candidates and recruit them for your company!

The founder of Cypress Hospitality Group has playfully coined the term "game breakers" in reference to these individuals who are hand-picked for their ability to make a positive difference in your company. With this in mind, we confidently hold to our slogan: "Cypress Hospitality Group is a premier executive search firm specializing in all levels of hospitality management recruiting."

Management Recruiting: How it's Done

As an important part in the daily functioning of your business, it is not realistic to place the tasks of reviewing, interviewing and choosing the individuals to fill open positions within your company. You may feel as if others in your company do not have the knowledge or the experience to make such serious judgment calls on your behalf, and we have to say we agree.

This is why Cypress Hospitality Group focuses on management recruiting for executive management positions within sophisticated restaurants and hotels and resorts. When you are unable to focus on the task of hiring management for your company, don't feel pressured into leaving the responsibility to an under-qualified member of your staff.

Chefs at Work

Our years of experience have helped us develop fool-proof systems to provide hospitality businesses and restaurants nationwide with new members for their management team. Depending on how much, or how little, information you desire, we create a unique screening process to be applied to the potential candidates for your business. Some of the steps our Cypress Hospitality Group specialists can implement are:

  • Phone Screening
  • Face-to-face Interview
  • Background Checks
  • Reference Checks
  • Credit Reports

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